Christmas and Gift Giving

I found myself in the store the other day and seeing all the consumerism of Christmas. It almost made me shutter.. It's September! Where did summer go?

Yikes! Its coming so fast. The planning and preparation and stress that so many people place upon themselves. What to buy? When to decorate? When to bake?, The parties and the gift giving.

In professional organizing, I can not tell you how many times I see people with years of clutter and stuff they have kept.. "I cant get rid of it" they say. Why?  Cause my dear aunt so and so gave this to me.. and "I hate it.." Sigh!

I always ask my clients Do you think your aunt, friend, mom would want you to feel as though this stuff is a burden to you?  People usually give gifts to say thank you, because they care, and feel it would be something you would love or benefit you.

Every year I am faced with the challenge of gift giving. I love the idea of giving a gift, however hate the idea of buying something useless, clutter gathering or not needed.  So what do you do? 

I love to gather with friends and have luncheons, dinners or after work drinks. No gifts please. Your company and time is enough.

Often we are faced with the agreement between friends that no gifting is allowed at these dinners or meetings, and then one seems to bring something "just because". It's important to accept graciously and not feel bad about not having anything in return.

For clients and co workers, I get really stumped. Consumables are great, but they can feel so generic.  If you have some Ideas I would love to hear your comments.  What are the things that you enjoy the most receiving at Christmas? Answer by [Tweet this!]