Black Friday... SALES!

Holiday shopping sale scene

American Thanksgiving is just around the corner.. just a few days away. Are you ready to take advantage of the great sales?

Thanksgiving in the USA appears to be a bigger holiday that Christmas. The shopping scene is a sight to behold. Tones of shoppers lined up sometimes all night for one item. Everyone is trying to save a few dollars and get that awesome deal.

This year, if you are planning to hit the sales be sure to ask yourself what you need before you head out. Just buying something cause its a smoking deal isn't really a good deal if you don't really need it or have a use for it.

I tend to ask myself, do I need it - usually the answer is no.. Do I like it? - Well yes  I say.. But do I really need it?  if the answer is no.. then 2 strikes the NO vote has it!

All those "extra" purchases are just that - Extra. Things that can accumulate and cause us stress and clutter.  Be wise on your purchases and your pocket book and your home will love you for it!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends. May you shop wise, wear comfy shoes and bring a patient spirit!