Essential Organizing Products for the Bathroom

Bathrooms never seem to have enough space or storage to properly organize all of a person’s toiletries and supplies. However, with the right products, one can maximize the limited space available in a bathroom and store all their items in a stylish and organized way! Below we’ve listed some “essentials,” and where you can get them for yourself:

1. Drawer unit

A three or four drawer unit is perfect for storing travel supplies, extra soaps, razors, or other smaller items. Most units like this can easily fit under a bathroom sink or in a bathroom vanity unit. Find this product here.

2. Pull out drawer unit

For larger bathroom tools and supplies, a pull out drawer unit can be attached inside a bathroom vanity or cabinet, or a shelf unit with pull out drawers can be placed under the sink. These units allow a person to see the items stored in the drawer and easily access them.

3. Drawer inserts

Drawers are often easily cluttered, because supplies can get thrown together when there is no way to separate them. A simple draw insert can easily keep makeup supplies, hair accessories, and other bathroom items separate and organized – and easy to find! Find this product here.

4. Over the door units

Doors can often be overlooked as storage places, but a simple hanging unit can store a lot of items. This one below is perfectly sized for a bathroom vanity or cabinet unit, and can easily fit hair tools and accessories as well as other assorted items. Find this product here.

5. Over the toilet storage

Another area that is often overlooked is over the toilet storage. Instead of having to mount a unit on the wall, this standalone unit easily fits over most toilets, and can store anything from washcloths, towels, soaps to extra toilet paper, Kleenex, and more! Find this product here.