Forms That Function - One woman gave up paper forms for better function featured Entrepreneur Magazine.

Calm Order. The Calgary, Alberta-based entrepreneur was looking for a smarter way to deal with the minutia of maintaining high-end, live-in-ready homes and offices for her growing global clientele. 

“For anybody who is chronically disorganized or is so busy that they can’t manage all the details, they call us,” says Allbright, who started her business in 2012 and works with six to eight contract employees to help bring sanity to clients’ lives. 

But as the company grew, so did the amount of paperwork her clients and contractors demanded. From invoices to contracts to purchase orders, “I was handling lots and lots of paper and more and more of it every month,” she says.

The fix

Allbright decided that what she needed was a single online form—one that could be updated on any mobile device. She aimed to list every detail for every job and have it automatically share status reports with clients and contractors. “I needed something very easy that I could set up myself,” she says.