Avenue Magazine - Turning a House into a Home


6 Tips for Home Organizing from Karen Allbright of Calm Order Inc. as seen in Avenue Magazine

  1. “Start with the boulders, then the rocks and the pebbles will fall into place.” Start by figuring out the placement and volume of the largest items, such as your couch and tables, then worry about smaller items like dishes. Tchotchkes and artwork will fall into place later.

  2. “It’s a cliché but it’s true, there should be a place for everything and have everything in its place.” Add extra storage and stay organized with bins, drawer dividers, shelf risers and slim coat hangers.

  3. “Only the things you use on a regular and consistent basis should be in your prime real estate.” Move things you don’t use often out of main areas or into storage further away. If you’re not sure if you regularly need something, store it somewhere else for a short while and see if you miss it.

  4. “Put things where you need them.” Store well-used items close to where you actually use them or clean them. For example, put dishes near the dishwasher, place the knives near the countertop where you cut things and wooden spoons near the stove.

  5. “You have to work with your habits if you want to create organization that’s effective.” For example, if you have kids who drop book bags and coats just inside the door, put bins or hooks right there for them rather than trying to get them to carry their stuff into another room to put it away.

  6. “When kids are old enough to categorize, they can put things away.” Don’t delay, start today to create the well-organized adults of the future. Start simple with bins and hooks and as they grow you can make the organization scheme more complex.