Storage and Function Planning | Space Planning    

Building, renovating or Transitioning

Working with you, your builder or designer

Are you building or renovating or simply moving? Having the best storage solutions is one of the keys to a successful stress free living. Our expertise lies in organization and storage solutions and we are often found collaborating with you, your builder and designer to create the best possible storage options for all your belongings. We match the interior design and function with your belongings to create the highest level of content organization possible.

What makes us different from your designers is we know what types of organization works and we know how to organize belongings to fit your needs. That knowledge paired with design creates the greatest level of function for you, your belongings and your lifestyle.

Storage and Function planning

You have decided to build and super excited!

Our innate understanding of function, space and storage married with a comprehensive understanding of your possessions assist’s you, your builder, renovator and designer to create the best possible storage solutions for your belongings. We work with storage design, kitchen design and any type of built in cabinet design from a function point of view. Consider us the interior designers of the interior of your cabinets and shelving!

Our experience has shown that designers and builders are amazing at what they do, however they sometimes miss matching the storage and the function requirements of a space to your belongings. We often make recommendations to clients, builders and designers for drawer and shelving depths, shelving type and kitchen layouts that meet your personal storage needs.

It is extremely valuable to spend time before things are built rather than after to find out something wont fit, or the drawer is too deep, too shallow or simply there are not enough drawers or shelves.

space planning

When transitioning from one home to another and your not sure what will fit or where to place your furniture in your new home, we can help. We do an on site measure your current furniture and measure your new rooms to assist you with a space planning.

  • On site furniture and room measuring

  • Space plan designs

  • Room plans for your mover to follow for furniture placement on move day