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Move Related Services

  • Move Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Pre Move Decluttering and Downsizing

  • Home Staging

  • Unpack to Organized- ultimate in home settling in service

Move Planning

Does the prospect of moving seem daunting? Do the countless decisions that need to be made feel overwhelming? Concerned about finding movers that can be trusted?  Calm Order can make this process painless and stress free.

Calm Order is serious about our commitment to providing you with the very best customer experience assisting you with your entire move process from start to finish.

  • Providing you a one person contact to facilitate a smooth move

  • Interviewing and scheduling your movers

  • Onsite packing support and coordination with movers.

  • Service provider contacts for art handlers, cleaners and handymen. Lets get moving!

space planning

When transitioning from one home to another and your not sure what will fit or where to place your furniture in your new home, we can help. We do an on site measure your current furniture and measure your new rooms to assist you with a space planning.

  • On site furniture and room measuring

  • Space plan designs

  • Room plans for your mover to follow for furniture placement on move day

Pre move Organizing and De-cluttering

Why pay to have things moved that you no longer need? Pre move organizing and decluttering saves time, money, and energy of packing and unpacking of unwanted items.

Calm Order will assist you in preparing for your move

  • de-cluttering

  • organizing

  • purging and sorting possessions

  • Packing up as we go in anticipation of your move

 In our 20-30's we spend time accumulating. As we age it seems that everyone is talking about getting organized, simplifying, reducing and downsizing. It is common for people to start the process of organizing, simplifying, reducing, and downsizing later in life, but the best time to do this is before moving, not after.

Start De-cluttering Today!

Home Staging and Refresh

Calm Order will help make instant notable changes in each space that will make your home ready for an open house, a special occasion, or just every day organized living. 

  • We "shop" your own items in order to find items that are nicely suited to each space.

  • Pack up the excess as we organize and stage using organizational design techniques and strategies

The result? Refreshed rooms that truly feel calmer, more organized, and clutter free. Lets get ready make the best first impressions now by staging and organizing your home!

Unpack to Organized


Unpacking is the last and often hardest step of moving. Our dedicated team of professional organizers get it done right from the start.  Avoid living among moving boxes for days or weeks after moving.

 Home organization begins on day one!

Calm Order pay attention to the finer details. 

  • Items are unpacked and organized settled in a way that intuitively makes sense

  • We make homes efficient and easy to manage

  • One space, one room, or your entire home

  • We recommend and shop for organizing supplies and make sure they are ready to use for move-in day.

  • We take unpack and organize your cabinets, closets, drawers, storage spaces, and living spaces.

  • To learn more, check out our Best Practice Organizing Principles to see how the entire unpack to organized process works!