The Drop In Centre- Donation center


One of our favourite places for your donation drop offs.  This is work in progress list of the drop in centre donation chain and how it all works! 

Fascinating how they recycle and use almost everything! Located at 3640 11a St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6M7


Where Donations go flow chat - Work in progress.  - This list was provided to Calm Order directly and is subject to change. 



                  Men - Good Cond – We keep, sort and send downtown 

1      Ripped, stained or torn – Bagged for Recyclers 

                                    2     Excess business Attire – WINS and Africa Partner 


                  Women – We keep supporting our needs, sort and send downtown 

1     Excess women’s pants and top are offered to local charities we work with

2     Excess summer used clothing we send to Africa 

3     Excess women’s bagged for recycling or business attire goes to WINS

4    Ripped stained or torn bagged for recycling 



1      Any winter is saved and sent to Project Warmth partner 

2     Summer Clothing sent to Africa Partner 

3     Ripped Stained torn- Bagged and recycled 

4     New clothing sent to Partner Agency or given to families in the Donation Centre furniture program                                



                  New- If it is useful for the Drop In Centre we use in programs 

New but not useful for Drop In Programs – Send to GEEP partner (They Sell item and we get 40% of sale)               

Used- Works and useful for Drop In programs we keep or give away via furniture or CLIC programs

                  Used- Works but not useful for programs and has hi value we send to GEEP or Sell via Kijiji 

                  Broken – Cut the cord, recycle various parts of the item for Money 



                  Good Cond or new – Given away via our furniture program 

                  Office furniture in excellent shape- Saved for Downtown 

                  Antiques or non-useful furniture (Massage table, Barber chair, hockey net etc..) – Sold on Kijiji 

                  Furniture that can be refurbished we will send to our Woodshop to be repurposed 

                  Ripped bad, stained or smell bad items we can refuse or charge a fee to dispose of them 


Small Knick knacks we can take

                  Anything full metal and not moving on our furniture floor we recycle 

                  Plastics that are recyclable we will recycle 

                  CD, DVD, Video games, Blu Ray- We check over and give out for free 

                  Kids toy- Must be clean and in working order- If not we trash them 

                  We take all dishes, crockery, cups etc – stained or chipped we dispose of 

                  Board games that are complete 



                  Good condition that require no work we give away via furniture program or send downtown 

                  Poor condition we sell for $5 to local buyers 

Refrigerators working or non we charge $15 for Ferron charge 


Bottles, cans and milk cartons – We pick up or can receive via drop off – Our partner is Uptown Bottle Depot 


Metal we can take- As long as the item is 80-90% metal we can accept


Jewelry – Gold and silver we sell to a smith for scrap weight 

Costume Jewelry we put on the floor or send to WINS 


Bulk food we store and send downtown 

Small bags of non-perishables we give away via furniture program  


Tools – Give away, sell or recycle (Some items we keep in house for small repairs or sent downtown) 


Office Supplies- We give away, keep for downtown and recycle if needed 


Beds- Have to be in good shape, little to no wear, no major stains.