Professional Organizing

5S Methodology Professional Home and Business Organization.

The 5S Methodology is a Japanese system for achieving and sustaining order and organization.  Our systematic process involves how to organize a work/space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying, sorting and setting items in order. The process involves maintaining the area and sustaining the new order. Thinking about the new way also includes thinking about better ways. We work with you in a realistic way. We look at limitations such space resources, budget and create a realistic smart plan for you.

Calm Order Uses the 5S Methodology to get and stay Organized. Simple, Effective and Sustainable.

The Process

Identification of Problems, Concerns and Possible Safety Issues
We start by evaluating your needs, looking at your space and identifying and addressing areas of concern, clutter, disorganization while considering ergonomics and safety.

Implementation - How to implement a plan to address the identified areas of concern.

We create a plan of how we are going to set things in order. We work on standardization and ensure you have a sustainable process understanding you and how you work/live and what you want to achieve.

We will help you determine what areas need help and what is working for you. Collaboratively, we design a plan that fits you and your work/lifestyle.

The space doesn’t have to be a whole house, even half a room. Something small such as sorting your kitchen cupboards or a paper file can make a substantial difference to your life. We recommend starting one space at a time.


We begin by working with what you have. Sometimes we need a purchase a few files, bins or boxes and sometimes we need entire shelving units, however, our main focus is to begin work with what you have on hand.

Collaborating with you we have the ability to make it light, easy, and even fun! Ultimately, what you get at the end is a Calm Order back in your home/ business and improvement in many areas of your life.

The 5S Methodology
Steps for Creating Your Organizing Plan

These standards are incorporated into your every day life, home and at work, one step at a time.

1.    Sort (Seiri)  the first step in making things cleaned up and organized. Elimination of unnecessary material. Throw away or recycle anything not absolutely necessary. Think about your office desk at the end of the day? Pens, sticky notes, clutter? Now think about it after a week if you don't take the time to take the first step. 

2.   Set in Order (Seiton) organize, identify and arrange everything in an area easily accessible and stored quickly. A place for everything. Put things away where they go at the end of each day. Make it a habit.

3.    Shine (Seiso) cleaning, removing of waste, dust and maintenance. Have the mindset of a clean and clear area to work. This doesn't mean polishing the furniture every day. It is about adopting a mindset to consistently think in terms of having a clean and clear area. 

4.    Standardize (Seiketsu) Routine of making it easy to maintain - simplify and standardize. A way that works for you. Sometimes 5 minutes at the end of a day is all you need.

5.    Sustain (Shitsuke)  Automatic realization of maintaining standards and review of what has been accomplished. Consistent effort of committing to execute and maintain daily.

Additional S's
• Safety • Security • Satisfaction