The art of creating spaces that combine beauty and function. 

We redesign to change the way something looks or functions through the use of organization. 

  • Calm Order will help you define zones and activities for your space
  • Set up storage strategies to maximize your current space and storage. 
  • Source furniture and storage pieces to meet your need of combining design and function
  • Redesign your room or entire home to create better flow and function
  • We consider the inside functionality of the drawers cabinets, closets and shelving to help ensure the designs meet your storage requirements.


What is redesign?

Redesigning is the process of planning artistically or skillfully for a defined purpose. Organizing and planning the structure of fashion and form. 


What are some of the things we will do?

Rearrage your furniture to find the best space plan for function and flow

Source and shop for the best storage solution for your needs

Shop your home for the best decor items to enhance your space to create beauty, function and flow

Find organizing solutions for one room to your entire home.