Professional Organizing Solutions
for Home and Small Business

• Simplify • Create Order • Relieve Stress • Improve your Life • Organize your Space

Organizing Process | What You Can Expect

  1. We meet and find out if there is a good fit. Professional organizing is personal in nature and you must have a good fit with your organizer. If it's not a good fit, we will refer you to another organizer. Feeling comfortable and at ease is very important to us.

  2. We conduct a needs analysis. - We walk though the space together, look at your concerns, problem areas and talk about your priorities. We will ask you questions about how you use the space and how your envision your space when it's complete. It is important not to cleanup or tidy before your consultation. Allowing us to really see what is happening and where organizing will be the greatest benefit to you.  Problems can sometimes be the current system you have in place just doesn't work for you. Sometimes you have no system and perhaps just need a system. Sometimes it can just be something such as life got busy and you are in need a little help to get you back on track. 

  3. Together we create an action plan - We will discussyour budget, timelines, areas or spaces to begin with. What action will we take and what supplies will be needed. We always try to use what you have, finding creative uses and ideas.
  4. We book a time to begin. We arrive on time and ready to work. We recommend a four hour day to start. Organizing can be emotional and physical. Multi day projects are best with a day or two in between. We find our clients usually become inspired with the project and they tend to run with it between visits! This saves you money! You choose your level of involvement.
  5. Walk though- upon completion of the project we will do a walk through of your space. Help you with organizing tips and techniques, and
  6. Payment is accepted at the end of the organizing day. Cash or check and bank transfers accepted.
  7. Complimentary Follow up - Feel free to send us an email at any time. We are more than happy to assist you. Maybe we will need another hands on session or upkeep, maybe just a video skype call to get you back on track. Whatever your need please don't hesitate to ask!.

What we Organize

Home Office Organizer
Kitchen Organization
Closet Organization
Bedrooms, Play Rooms, Media Room
Pantry Organization
Closets - Clothes, Linen and Entry
Combining Households
Craft Rooms
Garages & Storage Areas
Important Document
Organization, Passports, Health Records, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate
Financial, Credit Card Information.
Kitchen Cabinets & Laundry Areas
Craft Rooms
Seasonal Holiday Decoration Storage

Digital Organization

Computer folders, files and email management. We will be your personal assistant to help you with the overwhelming demands whether it be daily, busy periods or seasonal.

Small Business and Office Organizing

Drowning in PAPER? We can help with office set-up, filing systems, paper management and bill payments (never pay a bill late again) by creating custom filing and paper management systems that works for you.

Office organization
Customized filing systems suited to your individual needs
E-mail efficiency
Turn paper piles into organized files. 

Organized Physical Spaces are a Sign of an Organized Mind