Moving, downsizing, de-clutter service to help make your move smooth!

Moving or Downsizing in Calgary?

Fear, Dread and the Thought of Moving Stressing You Out?

We are your Unpacking Organizing Specialists!

Move Coordination

We take care of the details. Take the worry out of moving.

We assist you with:

  • One person contact facilitating a smooth move
  • Organized priority boxes and a first night kit. It's stressful having a mobile phone with a low or dead battery and having no idea where your charger or power adapter is hiding in the mountains of boxes.
  • Planning/ packing your first night survival kit – pj's, toothbrush, toiletries, bed linen, pet needs, clothing, foods, favourite toys and kitchen items such as your morning coffee!
  • We assist you in identifying items not to be packed (travel documents, jewellery, mobile prohibited items identified (gas bottles, cleaners, corrosives, etc.)
  • Obtain quotes:
    • Hire a moving company
    • Storage units/containers
  • Schedule and oversee movers
  • Coordinate your time line for pack days, move days and unpack days
  • Set up utilities
  • Mailing address changes
  • Onsite move coordination
  • Purchase your Groceries for your arrival .. Just ask  
  • Unpack to Organized service
  • Referral to vendors (e.g. movers, organizers, house cleaners, stagers)
  • Arrange Storage facilities/containers
  • Provide you Information about your new area

We are Practical, accountable and efficient.

You have SOLD and it's time to get ready to move!