Nothing’s Better than a Gift of Time

Restore Work Life Balance With Professional Organizing and Concierge Service Gift Certificates

Need Gift Ideas?

  • Company Incentive Programs for Employees - Great Corporate Gift Giving

  • Recognize Employees with Gift Certificate of a Gift of Time

  • Employee Rewards

  • New Moms need a little help

  • Gifts for the Person who has Everything

  • Great Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds

  • Birthday Gifts

  • Office Staff Thank You

  • Your Children's Teachers

  • The Busy Traveler - They come home to groceries in the home

  • Busy Moms who need a break! 

  • Executives with no time

  • Busy Families


Can you think of a better Gift Idea for your employees, busy executive and professionals that have everything?

The need to balance personal priorities – family, community and leisure activities – daily workplace demands are stronger today than ever before.

More companies today are striving to help employees with work-life balance. Your Employees work hard for you all week long. They come home and spend their weekends running errands, grocery shopping, meal planning for the week, organizing their homes, doing laundry. The gift of giving your staff a gift of time concierge service that allows them to do the things they want to do. Not the things they have to do.

Weekends can now be a time for relaxation, fun and adventure for everyone, allowing your staff, friends and family to come back to work organized, motivated, energized and ready to tackle the fresh new work week!


Great Gifts for any special busy person in your life! - Give the Gift of Time!

Gift of Time Benefits

  • Worker Retention Programs Create Good Culture and are Important
  • Balance between Professional and Private Lives
  • Happier Employees mean Happier Service
  • Refreshed, Energized Employees
  • Time for Family, Relationships
  • Strengthens Corporate Employee Relationships
  • Organized equates to Efficient

We will customize your Certificates for Presentation

  • Small Certificate style "4 hours of Concierge Services"
  • Diploma Look style "In honour of your dedication"

Appreciation Changes Everything Optimizing Your Employee Recognition Program
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Your Cultural Currency

Believe in what can be Achieved

  • Time is Precious
  • Watch what an Amazing Culture you Create
  • Celebrate the Little Victories that lead to Bigger Ones
  • Appreciating Great Work Increases the Bond Between Individuals, Teams, and Departments.

A startling 85 per cent of recruiters say that candidates turn down job offers from employers that aren’t work life balance friendly. 
      Source: Yasmin Taj for The Times of India [posted on 09/22/2011]