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How do you tell what is TRULY important and meaningful?

Our team of professional organizers provide you with support and assistance through the decision making process to help you make realistic wise choices and decisions.

A good place to start is to ask yourself why you're keeping something? Is it an obligation because a friend or aunt or mom gave it to you? Do I absolutely love it or is it something I can live with out.  Figure out what you love and value.  Click Here for some great tips for your downsizing process, What are your must keeps and what are your negotiable items. The thought of sorting through years of accumulated belongings in the process of downsizing and getting organized can be overwhelming to many people. You're not alone.

In our 20-30's we spend time accumulating. As we age it seems that everyone I know is talking about getting organized, simplifying, reducing and downsizing. The best time to do all of this is before you move, not after you move. Here's what people are saying ...

"I am moving, I have too much to do,  I don't know where to begin."
"What do we do with all the stuff we don't want?"
"I had no idea I had 3 of those!"
"What do I do with this?"

Aging Parents and special Treasures

Where I never want to be

As our parents age the reality sets in that they will not be around forever. This becomes clearer and clearer as the days go by. Think of purging and organizing as a thing to be done before you lose a loved one. Take time to listen to the stories about the special treasures and why they have kept these "treasures" all these years.

There may be an entire shelf of text books from university days that have no meaning at all.. except one. One may have a story behind it that is worth the keep. If you wait too long your parents/loved one wont be around to pass on that story and you may think its junk.   That's where I never want to be!

Things you don't throw out when you're downsizing

Family heirlooms . Determine which ones are truly meaningful to you and your family.  Always ask yourself what are the items you love and value? These cherished items are the ones you keep and take with you to your new home.

Photographs.... Life is an accumulation of memories.  I love photos. They are the tool that bring back those precious memories. You may consider digitizing your photos, but you don't want to lose them. Pack them together in separate boxes. We like to recommend clear plastic bins with lids. 

Important Papers. Shred and discard as much unnecessary paper as possible. Keep important documents such as Medical Records, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Decrees, SIN Cards, Birth & Death Records, Pension Plan Documents, Insurance Policies, Passports, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney Documents, etc.

Collections. Select a few of your favorite pieces (3-5) that you love. These are things to display and cherish. Take photos of the ones you can part with. Are the collections of high value? You may consider selling the collection intact if you no longer love it.

Fine Jewelry AND the boxes they came in. Keep the beautiful blue Tiffany box you have.

De-clutter and purge on an ongoing basis. Periodically purge your belongings to keep items at bay in your home. Once we have the awareness and realization that we can live our lives with less stuff, we have the first step in being able to downsize.

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