Calgary House Check in Service

Know your home is safe - Reliable Trusted House Sitting Service

Our Home Check In Service provides absentee owners, vacationers, business travelers, snowbirds and second homeowners away for a short or extended time period away to check in on their home.

We become your eyes and ears for your home.  We provide you with thorough detailed walk troughs with immediate complete reports and updates on the status of your home.

People ask about frequency of checks and we always advise for you to check your insurance policies and requirements.

Like some special treatment when you arrive home?

Would you like to arrive home to find a clean home and your fridge stocked? Just ask!

Our Home Check In Service

  • Visually check exterior of the home, for signs of vandalism, forced entry, flooding and other obvious damage
  • Check outdoor lighting
  • Remove flyers, door hangers, newspapers and general debris
  • Physically check home entries and exits, such as doors and windows
  • Run your taps, faucets, showers, baths, toilets to refill traps
  • Conduct general visual check of all interior rooms
  • Mail Forwarding or place in home
  • Check telephone for dial tone and for messages as requested
  • Check circuit breaker/fuse panel
  • Check smoke detectors and CO2 sensors
  • Check indoor temperature adjust as requested
  • Check to ensure refrigerators and freezers are functioning
  • Check for signs of insects or rodents
  • Check hot water tank and air conditioning unit
  • Run short cycle for dishwasherand garborator as needed to keep seals in working order
  • Check for plumbing failures, water leaks and flooding
  • Adjust indoor and outdoor lighting, blinds, drapes, as specified. Set up and adjust timers
  • Bring in/take out garbage cans and recycle bins
  • Schedule Maintenance as requested

Professional House Check Service - Contact us. We look after the details.

Member of DEMA Domestic Estate Management Association