Get Organized for Back to School!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (depending on who you ask, that is)! School is almost back in session, and to prepare yourself or your kids to get back into the classroom, we at Calm Order have compiled a few tips to make sure everything from school supplies to school lunches will be ready come September!

Supplies - take inventory, get organized

1.     Take stock of what you have
Before you purchase any new supplies, it’s a good idea to go through what you or your kids already have from the year before, and see if there is anything that can be reused. Toss worn out, broken or items that no longer work. Discard all those dried out markers!   Sort and categorize! Know what you actually have.  Once you are given a list supplied by the school (if there is one) or this list of essential items when going through your inventory. Make a note of anything that you don’t have from the list. You will be surprised at what you actually do have!

2.     Supply Shopping
Be prepared. Make a list and bring it with you to the store so that you don’t forget anything and have to make quick trips throughout the year.


1. Take inventory, sort, repair and discard
Go through your kid’s clothes. Donate or pass down items that no longer fit. Get rid of or mend clothes that are torn, ripped on in need of repair. Maybe it’s a simple button that needs sewing. Now is the time to get this done!

2 Time to shop - Make a list
Create that list of what you actually need. Stay away from impulse purchases.

3. Wash new underwear soon as you get it home. Have it clean and ready to wear.

4. Budget Awareness
Keeping spending on track for back to school will also help you budget for all those back to school extras you may be required to pay.  Don't be caught up with shinny new. You can mix and match old with the new to create a new back to school outfit.

Family Organization

1. Set up a master calendar
The school year can get busy with projects, homework assignments, sports events, and school plays – just to name a few – so it’s a good idea to set up a master calendar for the whole family to use (try using a dry-erase monthly calendar and hang it on a wall where everyone has access to it). Keep track of every important event or due date and avoid missing appointments or forgetting to get work done!
Electronically inclined? – Try using a shared Google calendar or an app like COZI for family organization and to do lists.

2.    Make ahead lunch and snacks
Preparing school lunches and snacks can be a challenge for parents and kids, Create a Snack Station in your Fridge
Healthy ready to go snacks are golden!  Prepackage your freshly cut veggies, raisins, crackers and cheese slices. Pre-make on Sunday night for the week small individual baggies of snacks ready to go. Place your ready-made bags in one drawer or bin in your refrigerator.  Have ready lunch bags/ totes/ frozen juice box ready to use as your ice pack. Empower your children to choose what snack they will take with them to school from the snack drawer.  More time to enjoy your morning coffee.

3.   Prep for the first day
Before the first day of school, minimize potential disruptions and stress triggers by making sure that lunches and snacks, back packs, supplies, and clothes are prepared a laid out the night before. This way, no one is running around the morning of and making the first day of school more stressful than it needs to be.
Here’s a quick checklist of what should be ready to go for the first day:
-       Backpack: Filled with all the essential supplies that are needed for the first day
-       School lunch and snack: Make sure the lunch bag is packed and ready to go straight into the backpack, along with a juice box and/or water bottle
-       Outfit: Decide on what you or your child is wearing for the first day in advance. Have it laid out and ready to put on in the next morning. Don’t forget socks and underwear too!
-       Breakfast: Want to simplify things even more? Make ahead a nutritious and filling breakfast as well so everyone is ready to start the day!

Make the first day of school the best day of school by making a plan and staying organized! [Tweet this!]